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Sep 062013

Jamie Fitzgerald - Kuranui CollegeAn Evening of Extreme Adventure with Jamie Fitzgerald (from TV One’s First Crossings)

Kuranui College will be hosting an evening with Jamie Fitzgerald on Friday 11 October.

Jamie is one half of the TV duo featured in TV One’s highly successful action documentary series ‘First Crossings’.  Every Tuesday night Jamie and his partner-in-adventure Kevin Biggar manage to hold us in suspense as they retrace the steps of New Zealand’s historic pioneers.

If you’ve ever wondered how they film themselves hanging halfway down a vertical cliff above a raging torrent of water or scaling an inch-wide mountain ridge on all fours, then this is your chance to find out how. More importantly, how do they keep their nerve given the fact they are often kitted out in nothing more than hobnail boots, scratchy old woollen jerseys and pants and a swag bag?

It’s easy to see why when you get to know what lies behind the man. With just three week’s notice, Jamie joined a rowing race across the Atlantic with a bloke he’d never met before. They won and still hold the world record.

Always one to find opportunity in a challenge, Jamie has done some amazing things, from walking to the South Pole with Kevin, inspiring hundreds of youth to walk 100km experience-led treks, to designing and implementing training of all 7000 Rugby World Cup volunteers. He is an amazing guy and one of New Zealand’s most sought after speakers.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re not the outdoorsy type, his tips on leadership, motivation and performance could be just the ticket.  So get yours from Dash Tickets ( – Adults $20, Students $15).

An Evening of Extreme Adventure: with Jamie Fitzgerald is kindly supported by the Wairarapa Times-Age and Midweek, the Radio Network, TK Wines, Fresh Choice Greytown and Dash Tickets.