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Apr 162015

Kuranui College is gaining a strong reputation as a superb place to study for an increasing number of international students, especially from Europe. Over the last few years the South Wairarapa college has hosted students from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Iceland, Canada and Japan, with demand increasing each year.

This has led to a shortage of places for these students to stay and the college is looking for more families who are willing to host international students in their homes. The college will be welcoming three new visitors in the coming months and is appealing to the local community to help out.

“The Wairarapa is a very attractive place for students who are seeking a school that can offer an outdoor lifestyle. Our region has a diverse landscape from the coastline to the Tararua ranges,” explained Kuranui College Principal Geoff Shepherd. “Coupled with our proximity to the capital, Wellington, it’s the perfect place to be based to get an all-round Kiwi experience.”

International students Ricky Paal and Pia Arpa would agree, but also put the Kuranui teachers at the forefront of their decision to study at the college. “The teachers are very different to my teachers back home, they’re more relaxed and more like friends. It’s so much better,” said Year 12 student Ricky.

Pia And Ricky Kuranui International Students

Kuranui International Students Pia Arpa and Ricky Paal are enjoying studying at Kuranui College

“I live in Munster in Germany, which is a city about the size of Wellington. Kuranui is in Greytown, which is a little village, so it’s so different. There are not too many international students here, so you really do become part of the school and I have made lots of Kiwi friends here.”

“The teachers here are nice and you’re not just learning the theory, but you’re putting things into practice,” added Pia, a Year 12 student from the Carinthie region of Southern Austria.

Both students have already had the opportunity to experience the outdoors in what they feel has been an active first term. “This term was very busy. We had athletics day and swimming sports, visited a sheep farm for a day and we’ve been abseiling,” stated Ricky.

“We also visited Rotorua and done the Tongariro Crossing. It was so much fun! It was like a little adventure. Both Pia and I have also taken up hockey and I’ve taken up dancing,” she added.

Kuranui College welcomes international students from all over the world and usually has about 15 at any one time. The college is planning to increase this number to 25 over the next two years.

Families interested in hosting students are asked to email Kuranui College’s International Dean, Debbie Fryer, on fryerd [at] kuranui-college [dot] school [dot] nz to find out how they can help.

Tongariro Crossing Kuranui International Students

The Tongariro Crossing is always a highlight of the first term at Kuranui College for International students.