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Nov 212016

Photos of most students are on the Kuranui Facebook page in this album.


Mr And Mrs McGimpsey Trophy
Most Improved Year 9 Rugby Player
Bryce Cummings

Kahutara Home & School Assn Trophy
Callum Higgison

R J Tilson Trophy
Best Forward
Joseph Te Naihi

A R Fenwick Trophy
Best Back
Josh Taylor

Thoebald-Hibbs Trophy
Best Team Person Year 10
Caleb Freeman

Brian E Edwards Cup
Most Improved Player Year 10
Michael Hyman

Ft Day Cup
Rugby Goal Kicking Competition
Aseri Waqa

Dennes Trophy
Most Improved 1st XV Forward
Joseph Redfern

Grant Batty Cup Most Improved 1St Xv Back
Conquest Hadfield

Matthews Trophy
Most Improved Rugby Player
Erekana Ruru

Coaches Trophy
For Sportsmanship
Flynn Wilkinson

Ryan (Rooster) Matthews Trophy
Captains Trophy
Cole Freeman

G T Boyd Cup
Best All Round Rugby Player
Aseri Waqa

Jimmy Cotter Memorial Trophy
Greatest Contribution to the Team – (both on and off the field)
Cody Tayles

Rodger Trophy
For Family Support in 1st XV Rugby
Freeman Family

Boys 1st XI SOCCER

GM & ZL Pankhurst Trophy
Dedication to Boys Soccer
Jacob Skinner

J A Redwood Cup
Best All Round Boys Soccer Player
Lachie Preston

A & L Spierling Cup
For Outstanding Contribution to Soccer
PJ Dales

RD & LJ Goodin Cup
Most Improved Player – Boys 1st XI
Tyler Brasell

Boys 2nd XI SOCCER

Kuranui College Trophy
Most Improved Boys 2nd XI Player
Max Basson

Kuranui College Trophy
Best All Round Boys 2nd XI Player
Mack Regnault

Tony Moule Trophy
Best Defender
Mason Nation and Bas Muller

Boys 3rd XI Soccer

Kuranui College Trophy
Most Valuable Boys 3rd XI Player
Josh Price

Kuranui College Trophy
Best All Round 3rd XI Player
Samuel Mueller

Girls Soccer

D. Juggins & P. Southey Cup
Best All Round Girls Soccer Player
Emily Morison

Bnz Trophy
Dedication to Girls Soccer
Danielle Turton

Benseman Cup
Sportswomanship in Girls Soccer
Izzy Davidson

Standish, Abbott Cup
Greatest Contribution to the Team
Heidi Redfern & Piper Marshall

Cr James Trophy
For Family Dedication to Soccer
Mary Beckett

Congratulations to the Kuranui Girls Football team winning the Wairarapa Secondary School Gilrs Division 1 Competition:
Emily Morison, Danielle Turton, Piper Marshall, Georgia Cartmell, Izzy Davidson,  Rosa Hassall, Aaliyah Keys, Mishanna Labett, Amelia O’Connell, Heidi Redfern,  Mary Sammons, Maaike Smolnicki, Maya Templer, Femke van Steensel, Isabella Walker, Grace Williams.


Kaye Johnson Trophy
Junior Netball Sportsmanship
Ruby Fairbrother and Nina Gelashvili

Holsted Cup
The Most Improved and Dedicated Junior Netball Player
Isabella Walker, Shaeya McPhee and Jade Walker

2013 Maroon Netball Team Trophy
MVP Award
Isla Alexander, Eddina Doherty and Leana Malcolm-Rzoska

Coaches Trophy
Junior Netball
Angel Hall & Morgan Wilson

Kuranui Trophy
Best Allround Player
Silvia Knocke

Nicky Hutchings Netball Cup
Most Conscientious Player
Izzy Wisler

Dalefield Home & School Assn Cup
Best All Round Netball Player
Tylah Higgison

Pam Porter Cup
Captains Cup
Dahlia Apiata

Sarah Johnson Trophy
Sportsmanship in Senior Netball
Jodi Newman

Smith Family Cup
Most Improved A Netball Player
Wanita Namana

Calkin Cup
Best Attacking Player in the A netball team
Teyah Malcolm-Rzoska

Congratulations to the Kuranui Junior Netball team Winning the Netball Wairarapa Senior B Competition:
Isla Alexander, Gabby Anderson, Kayla Baker, Eddina Doherty, Ruby Fairbrother,  Bella Herbert, Laura-Rose Holden, Annabell Shields, Morgan Wilson, Isabella Walker


Knowles Trophy
Most Obliging Player 1st XI Player
Jack Stokes

Falloon Shield
Most Dedicated Player in 1st XI Hockey
Cameron Wilson

Mrs C Hicks Cup
Best All Round Hockey Player
Andrew Foreman

A & L Linton Family Trophy
Most Promising Prospect 1st XI Boys Hockey
Rhys Kill

J J Terry Cup
Most Improved Boys Hockey Player
Shaun Gundeson & Kadin Hart

T & V Hicks Trophy
Team Leadership in Boys Hockey
Gavin Hosnell

Glenn Hickson Memorial Cup
Most Valuable Player in 1st XI Boys Hockey
Gavin Hosnell


June Foote Memorial Cup
Best All Round Girls Hockey Player
Caitlin Cryer

Daley Cup
Sportsmanship in Girls 1st XI
Amber Spicer

The Prefects Cup
Most Improved Girls Hockey Player
Melanie Redfern

Ngaire M Nielsen Cup
MVP Ist XI Girls Hockey
Courtney Yee


Reid Plaque
Most Improved Junior Boys Basketball Player
Matthew Scott, Ethan Wilde

Kuranui Trophy
Most Valuable Player Junior Boys Basketball
Sam Cadwallader Jake McMahon and Zenith Marsh

Congratulations to our Kuranui Rockets Basketball team for winning the Wairarapa Junior Boys basketball Championship:
Sam Cadwallader, Jake McMahon, Matthew Scott, Shaun Gundeson, Jordan McGarva, Michael Hyman, Andrew Hyman, Jared Dudson

Jemma Peppiatt Trophy
Most Improved Junior Girls Basketball Player
Isla Alexander

Kuranui College Trophy
Most Valuable Player Junior Girls Basketball
Melanie Redfern


A J Ryan Cup
Under 14 Boys Cross Country Champion
Connor Turton

H Te Maari Cup
Under 14 Girls Cross Country Champion
Amelia O’Connell

P T Clark Cup
Under 15 Girls Cross Country Champion
Amelia Butcher

South Featherston Home & School Assn Cup
Under 15 Boys’ Cross Country Champion
Anthony RowePenny

Masterton Harrier Club Cup
Boys under 16 Harrier Champion
Thomas Laybourn

Sheryl Andrews Cup
Girls Senior Champion
Courtney Yee


Brian Wilton Cup
Best All Round Boys Cricketer
Caleb Freeman

L James Trophy
Dedication to Boys Cricket
Cole Freeman

Meek Cup
Best Cricket Fielder
Michael Hyman

Stuart Ingham Cup
Best Bowler in Boys Cricket
Andrew Hyman

D Henderson Cup
Best Batsman
Mack Regnault

Kuranui College Certificate
Most Improved Player
Ben Oakly


Duley Cup
Jnr Girls Swimming Champion
Amelia O’Connell

Greytown Swimming Club Cup
Jnr Boys Swimming Champion
Pierce Aarsen

Under 15 Girls Swimming Champion
Meghan Appelman

N Hatton Cup
Int Girls Swimming Champion
Tylah Higginson

15 Boys Swimming Champion
Lachlan O’Connell

Mr & Mrs W I Bubb Cup
Intermediate Boys Swimming Champion
Gavin Hosnell

Alison Cooke Cup
Senior Girls Swimming Champion
BrookeAmelia Lewington

H T Hemi Cup
Senior Boys Swimming Champion
Liam Labett

Our Kuranui Swimming Team excelled at the Wairarapa Secondary Schools Swimming Championships, with several swimmers gaining places.
Isla Alexander, Meghan Appelman, Gavin Hosnell, Lorenzo Hewison, Henry Isaacs, Mishanna Labett, Amelia O’Connell, Lachlan O’Connell, Ben O’Neill, Liam Labett, Ashley Pugh, Jack Stokes, Connor Turton, Cameron Wilson, Izzy Wisler.

Amelia O’Connell receives the Kuranui College certificate for breaking the Kuranui College Under 14 Girls 50m Breast StrokeSwimming record in the time of 50.78 and also the 25m Freestyle in record time of 17.84.

Lachlan O’Connell receives the Kuranui College certificate for breaking the Kuranui College Under 15 Boys 50m Breast Stroke record in the time of 49.5.

Jack Stokes receives the Kuranui College certificate for breaking the Wairarapa Intercollegiate Under 16 Boys Backstroke Swimming Championship in record time of 15.21.


Staff Cup
Under 14 Girls’ Athletic Champion
Amelia O’Connell

Carterton Amateur Athletic Club Cup
Under 14 Boys’ Athletic Champion
Callum Higginson

Bouzaid & Ballaben Cup
Under 16 Girls Athletic Champion
Amelia Butcher

M J Parker Cup
Under 16 Boys’ Athletic Champion
Lincoln Williams

M W Worsfold Cup
Under 19 Girls’ Athletic Champion
BrookeAmelia Lerington and Emily Morison

Martinborough Home & School Assn Cup
Under 19 Boys’ Athletic Champion
Brock Loader

S G Slater Cup
Boys Senior Sprints Championship
Brock Loader

C J Pickering Cup
Boys Senior Jumps Aggregate
Brock Loader

Our Kuranui Athletic Team excelled at the Wairarapa Secondary Schools Athletic Championships, with several athletes gaining places.
Georgia Cartmell, Jeni Davidson, Laura-Rose Holden, Brock Loader, Anthony Rowe-Penny, Ben Saywell, Maaike Smolnicki, William Southey.


Rei-Huia Sporthorses Trophy Best Rider
Melissa Wall

Team of Year

Paul Redwood (Chook) Cup
Team of Year
Kuranui Girls 1st XI Football Team