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Mar 222017

Wander down the corridors of the technology block at Kuranui College this term and you may be forgiven for thinking you’re in culinary heaven given the pleasant aromas emanating from the school’s food tech classroom.

Nine students from around the globe have enrolled in the South Wairarapa college, each bringing with them a taste of home. Teacher Ken Ryan felt that this presented a good opportunity for his students to embrace the diverse cultures that the international students bring to the kitchen.

Preparing Sushi Kuranui 2

“We’re lucky to have students visiting from Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria this term,” explained Ryan. “It’s a great way to introduce students to new tastes and ultimately new cultures. Cooking methods are culturally significant and showcase a nation’s philosophy, not just around how its people regard food, but also social interaction and to some extent a nation’s history.”

Kuranui College has seen an increase in the number of international students enrolled at the college over the last few years. This is the result of a long-term strategic focus. “We made the decision five or so years ago to actively promote the college outside of New Zealand. It takes time, but we believe we have a lot to offer our students from around the world,” said Kuranui College Principal Geoff Shepherd.

As part of the strategic plan, Shepherd will travel to Thailand and China next week with other representatives from New Zealand schools. They will be meeting with agents who will represent them to both parents and students.

“We will be introducing our schools and explaining our points of difference. In Wairarapa not only do we have unrivalled outdoor and sporting opportunities, but we are only an hour away from the Capital. We have a lot to offer our visitors.

“Many of our international students stay for a year or more and become an integral part of college life,” added Shepherd.

This time next year the students could be savouring the delicious aroma of Thai spices wafting along the college corridors.

Preparing Sushi Kuranui

Mar 192017

The Kuranui 1st Xi faced Wairarapa 2nds in bitterly cold conditions on Saturday 18th March, 2017.

A close game demonstrating some great batting (especially from Toby Wilkinson who got 40) but resulting in a loss to Kuranui.

Wairarapa college showed some great fielding and batting. Waicol batted first and achieved 154/7 with Kuranui chasing but all out for 120.

Great support for both teams on the sideline – blankets/ puffer jackets and hats were required!

Mar 142017

A total of 6 records were broken at the Kuranui College Swimming Sports held last Friday at the Greytown Memorial Pools.

Amelia O’Connell broke 4 records in the Under 14 girls Section:

  • 1 Length Freestyle in 17.78s in the heats (Amelia’s own record broken last year in 17.84s).
  • 2 Lengths Freestyle in 38.83s (previously held by T. Gray 38.86s in 2001).
  • 2 Lengths Breaststroke in 50.15s (Amelia’s own record broken last year in 50.78).
  • 2 Lengths Backstroke in 46.61(previously held by K. Simmonds 47.87s in 2009).

Lachlan O’Connell broke the U16 Boys 2 Lengths Breaststroke in 46.48s (previously held by S. Pepper 47.15s in 2010).

Gavin Hosnell broke the 1 Length Butterfly in 17.36s (previously held by J Edge 17.44s in 1994).

A huge thank-you to everyone who helped on the day to make our annual event a success.

The Wairarapa Intercollegiate Swimming Championships is on Wednesday 5th April held at the CLM Genesis Energy Recreation Centre in Masterton with the first race starting at 6.30pm. Our Swimming Team for this event will be announced shortly.

2017 Kuranui College Swimming Champions

U14 Girls- Amelia O’Connell

U15 Girls- Ruby Fairbrother

U16 Girls- Megan Appelman

U14 Boys- Ceejay Dennes

U15 Boys- Keegan Culkin

U16 Boys- Lachlan O’Connell

U19 Boys- Gavin Hosnell

Record-breakers photo by Donald Yee, action shots by Wendy Turton.

Lachlan Gavin Amelia Swim Records 2017

Lachlan O’Connell, Gavin Hosnell and Amelia O’Connell

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 10 29 06

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 9 56 07

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 10 17 30

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 10 19 36

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 10 25 49

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 10 32 22

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 10 54 36

Swimming Sports March 2017 Kuranui 12 02 46 PM

Mar 092017

Kuranui College students continue to set new academic standards, with outstanding NCEA results and an impressive number gaining top university scholarships.

The Level 1 results are the best the college has ever produced, with an achievement rate of 92%. A large number of senior students also achieved endorsements and the class of 2016 are now spread far and wide as they continue their education around the country.

Rosie Isaacs was one of the standout students, picking up both the Otago University Dux Scholarship the Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, with the latter honour also going to Nick Ariel.

Rosie Kuranui College

Rosie Isaacs

The pair have been joined at Otago by Emily Morison who was awarded a three-year High Performance Scholarship worth $16,000 and a sponsorship with Football South which includes clothing and sports fees allowance, a mentoring programme and specialised coaching.

Another high achiever, Ashley Brazendale-Duncan, is attending Victoria University on the back of an Academic Excellence Scholarship and Caitlyn Cryer secured the coveted Wellington Schools’ NZ School of Tourism Top Student Award.

Closer to home, Monique Keedwell and Ben Delegat have been awarded UCOL High Achievement Scholarships to assist with their studies.

Kuranui Principal Geoff Shepherd is delighted that so many of the school’s students are being recognised for their achievements. “It’s very rewarding for our teaching staff to see Kuranui students gain this kind of recognition,” he explained.

“A large number of them have gained places in tertiary education through sheer hard work and those who have secured scholarships have thoroughly deserved them. Last year’s outstanding Level 1 results indicate that there is plenty more success to come as we continue to work towards our goal of every Kuranui student reaching their full potential.”

Mar 092017

A Kuranui music student has landed an opportunity of a lifetime after being selected to play double bass for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) National Youth Orchestra.

William Taber will be performing to huge audiences during two high profile concerts, the first on 14 July at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington and second at the Auckland Town Hall the following day.

William Taber Kuranui College

The Year 12 student was encouraged by his Martinborough bass teacher Vicky Jones to initially try out for the National Secondary Schools Orchestra where he gained the third chair out of six. “Being awarded third chair for the Secondary Schools Orchestra was great and as a result Vicky felt that I give the National Youth Orchestra a try,” explained William.

William had to perform a blind audition, which meant preparing a two-minute unedited audio recording. The stakes were high, with over 50% of the current NZSO being made up of former members of the Youth Orchestra.

Formed in 1959, the National Youth Orchestra has played a vital role in providing the country’s most gifted young orchestral performers with a springboard to highly successful careers as orchestral players, soloists, chamber musicians and teachers.

The young musician started playing the piano aged seven and only took up the double bass two years ago. He also plays electric bass in the Kuranui College Jazz Band.

“I want to pursue a musical career and I’m hoping to either go on to the New Zealand School of Music at Victoria University or the Conservatory in Melbourne after I finish college,” he said.

Before then, William will have to clock in hours of practice and a week-long rehearsal before his two concerts. “I’m very excited about it, it will be a lot of fun to play. It’s a great feeling, really amazing and I still can’t quite believe it.”

The National Youth Orchestra will perform at Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington on Friday 14 July at 6:30pm and Auckland Town Hall on Saturday 15 July at 7:30pm.

Mar 052017

Some photos below of Kuranui at Intercollege Athletics, courtesy of the most excellent Wendy Turton!

Results from the Wairarapa Secondary Schools Athletic Championships
Brock Loader: 1st Triple Jump, 3rd Long Jump -Senior Boys
Aaliyah Keys: 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Triple Jump, 3rd 200m –Junior Girls
Jeni Davidson: 2nd High Jump, 3rd 800m –Senior Girls
Amelia Butcher: 2nd Intermediate Girls 400m
Alisha Hovell: 2nd Senior Girls 400m
Kahlan Delamare: 3rd Junior Girls High Jump
William Southey: 2nd Junior Boys Javelin
Vaughn Snell: 3rd Senior Boys 1500m
Jasmine Nelson: 3rd Junior Girls 100m
Hazel-Claire Rippey: 2nd Junior Girls Discus
Amelia O’Connell: 3rd Junior Girls 800m
Connor Turton: 3rd Intermediate Boys 800m
Anthony Rowe-Penny: 2nd Intermediate Boys 3000m
Luke Rodger: 3rd Junior Boys Triple Jump.
Junior Girls relay team: 2nd Placing
Senior Boys relay team: 2nd Placing
Senior Girls relay team: 3rd Placing

Many thanks again to our Kuranui Staff, student helpers and Mr Michael Rowe-Penny for his help on the day on the shot put event.

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 9

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 2

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 1

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 3

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 4

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 5

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 6

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 7

Intercollege Athletics Kuranui March 2017 8

Mar 032017

Kuranui played Rathkeale at home yesterday.

Rathkeale batted first and scored 92/5 which they defended with tight bowling, seeing Kuranui come up short by 17 runs.

Coach Bevan Morland says “The boys’ attitude at both trainings and games has been awesome. Thanks to the parents for their support, and members of the 1st team with their assistance”.

Wendy Turton has supplied these action pics:

Cricket Feb 2017 Kuranui 2

Cricket Feb 2017 Kuranui 3

Cricket Feb 2017 Kuranui 1

Cricket Feb 2017 Kuranui 4