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Apr 112018

Kuranui College students are offering IT support to elderly residents in a new groundbreaking scheme, funded by a significant grant from the Greytown Trust Lands Trust.

A partnership with the Greytown Community Board, this joint initiative is open to anyone experiencing difficulties using devices such as cell phones, tablets and computers.

Sessions will run from 1pm-2pm each Wednesday in the Kuranui College Library, beginning on 9th May. A light lunch will be provided and transport can also be arranged if required.

Kuranui Students Ready To Assist Elderly Residents With IT

Maree Patten, Kuranui College Acting Principal, is delighted that students have been given this opportunity to give something back to the community.

“We applied for and received funding for this excellent initiative, and have a team of five young people, Femke van Steensel, Maaike Smolnicki, Samuel Mueller, Jackson Harbers and Willie Dennison, ready to help out,” she explained.

“Our students are well aware that as we get older we may suffer from a world where increasingly messages, accounts and communication with family and friends demands a mastery of digital devices. They will be there to offer guidance and support to help some of the older members of our community make the most of these devices, from setting them up to learning how to use them to keep in touch.

“We had a trial run during the census last month and it was very successful. Our students are looking forward to the opportunity to help out and are grateful to the Greytown Community Board and Greytown Trust Lands Trust for making this scheme possible.”

If you require more information or would like to book one or two of the sessions, please contact Ann Rainford, Vice Chair of Greytown Community Board on 06 304 9960 or Maree Patten, Kuranui College Acting Principal, on 06 304 9116.