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Jun 062018

A new Kuranui College initiative to engage local primary school students in the world of science is already proving to be extremely popular. Carterton School leapt at the chance to take their senior students (years 6-8) to the college over two days of specialised teaching.

Acting Principal Wendy Taylor was delighted with the results. “The science programme is enriched by using the Kuranui College facilities, along with the expertise of the science teachers,” she said.

Kuranui science teacher, Ryan McCroskery, believes that this collaboration is very important for the students at this age. “It gives them experience in lab conditions and a chance to use science-specific equipment,” he explained. A new challenge for him in teaching a year 6 group was to modify his vocabulary and make sure his instructions weren’t too complicated. “I also didn’t expect to be asked how to spell certain words. I had to readjust my thinking,” he added.

Kuranui Carterton Science Day 1

The young Carterton students got to experience a day packed full of science, with fun experiments such as ‘The Squeak Test’ and hunting for DNA in fruit. Mr McCroskery was also impressed at their ability to debate topics and felt that they brought a whole new way of looking at things. “I found myself interested in the way they processed things as it seemed different from the usual teenage brain.” One such interesting debate centred around which flame from a Bunsen burner would burn the quickest, blue or yellow?

“Carterton School is always proactively seeking opportunities to challenge and extend our senior students and this programme is excellent,” Ms Taylor said. “These visits continue the positive relationship between Carterton School and Kuranui College. Our students returned brimming with excitement about their day at Kuranui.”

Kuranui College plans to have the year 7 and 8 children back again once a term over the course of the year. “Everyone benefits from this, by sharing ideas and use of space and equipment, Mr McCroskery explained. “It has a very collegial feel to it and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Kuranui Carterton Science Day 2

Kuranui Carterton Science Day 3

Kuranui Carterton Science Day 5

Kuranui Carterton Science Day 6