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Mar 312019

Korero 29 03 19 2

Kuranui Korero 29 March is now available for download.

It features:

  • From the Principal’s Desk
  • XVENTURE Family Challenge
  • Scholarship Success
  • Swimming Sports
  • Wings Over Wairarapa
  • Host Families Wanted
  • and more!


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Mar 292019

Kuranui College year 10 student Aimee Clouston was awarded Best Junior Speaker in the region’s debating championship held this weekend in Wellington.

For the first time, debating students from Kuranui College were invited to the Wellington Regional Debating Championship and in highly competitive debates against senior students from all across the region, the Kuranui teams of primarily Year 10 students performed outstandingly, with their mixed team placing fifth out of 30 teams.

“I think it’s the first time we’ve ever entered the Wellington Regionals, so that’s pretty exciting,” explained Kuranui Head of English, Kathryn Homes. “For many years organised debating didn’t take place here.”

She strongly believes that the college’s innovative IGNITE program has contributed to the success of the students. “I feel that interest has come through the How to Win an Argument classes from last year. Almost all of the students involved during the weekend were in the How to Win an Argument class.”

“They are already asking me about how that might translate into a Level 1 course for them, which is something we are thinking about this year,” said Homes.

Aimee Clouston

Aimee Clouston

Clouston has been interested in literature and politics since she was young, and found debating to be a good way to explore her interests. “Considering I’m into drama and things, I need to get better at improv, and it was just generally a good way to involve all of my interests.

“I took debating in my first year at Kuranui, so there’s obviously a lot of opportunities here, and we were encouraged, but Mrs Homes really helped this year, especially with the 30-minute prep task.”

None of the students had been involved in unprepared debates before. “I really liked it. I thought it was a bit stressful, considering I had only done debates where I had three weeks to prepare, and 30 minutes versus three weeks is quite a big difference, but it was good. I would definitely recommend it,” said Clouston.

“I think the hardest thing for me personally, considering I am not very good at improv, and I prefer written script, was definitely the fact that I didn’t have enough time to write my own scripts, and had to go off bullet points, meaning I had to really think on my feet. I think I’ve definitely got better improv skills because of it.”

Student enjoyment was at the forefront with Kuranui students treating the event as a learning opportunity, rather than something they had to win. “Our little group had a lot of fun. But I think also, when it comes to the debates, even when you’re in a debate you’re not sure you’re going to win,” Clouston added.

All of the Kuranui students were impressed by the weekend, commenting that “It was much more fun than I thought it would be.” Despite losing their first four debates, the Kuranui Junior-only team refused to be disheartened, coming back to win their final debate against Solway College.

“Most teams were made up of year 13, or year 12 and 13 students. Whereas, our junior college students have an amazing opportunity now that they’ve seen it, they know what they’re aiming for,” remarked Homes.

The speakers will be representing the college in the Wairarapa Regional Debating Competition later in the year, and are looking forward to using their debating skills more in the future.

Junior team:
 Meg Hunter – Year 10; 
Charlie O’Connell – Year 10
; Joseph Laybourn – Year 10
Mixed team: 
Katie Taylor – Year 10
; Aimee Clouston – Year 10; 
Caelum Greaves – Year 13

Debating 1

From left: Katie Taylor: Second speaker for Kuranui Sky Blue. Caelum Greaves: Third speaker for Kuranui Sky Blue and mentor for the junior debaters.


Debating 2

From left: Joseph Laybourn: Third speaker for Kuranui Navy. Charlie O’Connell: Second speaker for Kuranui Navy. Meg Hunter: First speaker for Kuranui Navy.

Mar 252019

A feasibility study investigating the provision of sports and recreation facilities in Greytown is recommending the replacement of the current Kuranui College gymnasium with a modern, purpose-built facility and the development of an integrated sports hub with three new sports fields adjacent to the college.

The report, produced by Global Leisure Group and commissioned by the Kuranui Sports Hub Project Working Group, suggests a two-stage approach to this development, reflecting the urgent need to replace the existing gymnasium following a poor earthquake assessment.

Sports Hub

A new sports hub model is proposed for Greytown. Photo: Dave Lintott

The total project costs are estimated at around $9 million, excluding expenditure on any additional land purchase. The report also recommended a submission to the South Wairarapa District Council to be a funder and owner of the new facility. The council would lease the land from the Ministry of Education and Kuranui College would have a licence to occupy the gymnasium on school days from 8.30am to 5pm. It is recommended that Greytown Sport and Leisure manage the facility outside of these hours, optimising community use of the gymnasium, sports hub and new sports fields.

The proposal would see badminton, baseball, basketball, football, futsal, hockey, netball and rugby based at the new hub, with Soldiers Memorial Park being primarily be used for cricket as well as some overflow football matches.

Kuranui College Principal Simon Fuller believes there are benefits all round for this proposed new development. “Kuranui is at the very heart of the Greytown community and this new concept gives us the opportunity to play a major role in the enhancement of sport and active recreation opportunities in the town,” he explained. “A shared indoor sports facility that is an asset for both our students and the wider community will add to the well-being of the people of the South Wairarapa across all ages.”

Jackie Gray, Executive Officer of the Greytown Community Sport and Leisure Society, agrees that this is a positive progression for Greytown and its sporting community. “We currently have 15 clubs with over 1,100 active members and bringing codes together in a shared multi-use facility would be a significant step forward,” she said. “Greytown Sport & Leisure is based on a 15-year foundation of strong collaboration across our sporting community and this is the next logical step as we prepare to meet future demand.”

Greytown Trust Lands Trust Chair Sid Kempton sees the expansion of Greytown as a major challenge going forward. “Our population is projected to increase from 2,438 residents in 2013 to 3,581 residents in 2043,” he said. “The majority of these new residents will be couples with young families and we need to provide modern sporting facilities to satisfy their requirements.

“This proposed new model would enable a more equitable distribution of the Trust’s continually stretched funds across the entire range of sporting activities taking place in our community, while also having a strong link to education.

“The report is the first step in a journey and the report now needs to be digested by a lot of groups in the community to enable us to create momentum and move forward together,” added Kempton.

A copy of the final report can be downloaded at

Mar 152019

Congratulations to our seven athletes who completed in the College Sport Wellington Track and Field Championships yesterday.

We had some extremely impressive results.

Noah Ingham – 4TH Junior Boys Javelin
Henry Isaacs – 6TH Intermediate Boys Triple Jump
Freya Lewington – 7th Junior Girls 300m
Jack Lewington – 1ST AWD Long Jump, 4TH AWD 100m
Thomas Morland – 2ND AWD Shot Put, 3RD AWD Discus
Amelia O’Connell – 8TH Intermediate Girls 800m, 7TH Intermediate Girls 1500m
Jarrod Yee – 1ST Junior Boys Long Jump, 1ST Junior Boys Triple Jump

Atheltic Team

Jarrod Yee also SMASHED the Wellington Junior Boys Triple Jump record with a jump of 12.01m. The previous record was 11.90m, however, unfortunately, Jarrod’s record won’t replace this record as Wairarapa is an invitation entry into the College Sports Wellington event. Either way, well done Jarrod!

Mar 072019

Kuranui College year 13 student Caelum Greaves and former student Amberleigh Rose have been awarded NCEA Scholarships for English, placing them in the top 3% of the country for the subject.

“Caelum was a year 12 student when he passed this paper, which is nothing short of remarkable,” explained Kuranui Head of English Kathryn Homes. “We haven’t had Scholarship English at Kuranui for a very long time. The results demonstrate the fact that we are producing the very best academic students at Kuranui.”

Caelum Greaves

Caelum Greaves

Students need to answer three questions in three hours, including an unfamiliar text comparison, a prepared genre study and a wider literature question. “Sitting a Scholarship paper can be a great way of extending students to think of literature in a wider context,” added Homes.

Greaves believes his two favourite librarians were crucial to his recent scholarship success. “It’s crucial to have a good librarian. Mrs Rance in the school’s library has been absolutely amazing, and Penny Griffin from Featherston Library was so lovely back when I was at primary school.

“I was a voracious reader when I was young. My parents always encouraged it because they both enjoyed reading. My name Caelum is one of the characters from one their favourite books, BattleAxe, (part of the Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass). At primary school I was going through three or four novels a week.

“Mrs Rance has just managed to procure me a copy of The Call of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft, which has just replaced Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss as my all-time favourite book,” said Greaves.

“English has been my passion for quite a long time. It’s what I love doing, so I felt I was ready for extension work as I had already been working a year or so ahead in my English classes.

“Mrs Holmes was very pleased with the results I was getting with all my work and I was easily obtaining excellences in everything for Level 3.

“Both Amberleigh Rose and I studied together for the scholarship. We did handwriting practice, scholarship questions and a lot of extended reading so we were pretty set.

“The scholarship means you get a monetary payment of $500 towards your tertiary education and other than that, it’s just something nice to put on your university application.”

Amberleigh Rose

Amberleigh Rose

Geaves is still weighing up his options about what he wants to do as a career and is deciding whether he stays in New Zealand or goes overseas. “For my final school year, I’m working on doing scholarship Chemistry and Biology and an outstanding scholarship for English. If you do really well in three subjects you receive quite a substantial monetary reward. These are my three strongest subjects and the ones I enjoy doing the most.

“I would love to do science journalism. But for now, Mrs Homes and I are working on me writing a short story or novel and getting that published.”

Mar 042019

2019 Wairarapa Inter Coll Athletic Results – Kuranui Placings

Caius McPhee 2nd Jnr Boys Shot put
Jack Lewington 1st AWD 200m, 2nd AWD Shot Put, 3rd AWD Long Jump, 2nd AWD 100m.
Jarrod Yee 1st Junior Boys Triple Jump (Wairarapa Record), 1st Junior Boys Long Jump.
Henry Isaacs 1st Intermediate Triple Jump, 3rd Intermediate Boys High Jump.
Amelia O’Connell 1st Intermediate Girls 800m, 1st Intermediate Girls 1500m,
Connor Turton 3rd Senior Boys 800m
Sanuel Hislop 2nd Junior Boys Discus
Thomas Morland 3rd AWD Shot Put
Anthony Rowe-Penny 3rd Senior Boys 3000m, 2nd Senior Boys 1500m
Samuel Goodman 3rd Junior Boys Triple Jump
Freya Lewington 1st Junior Girls 300m
Maaike Smolnicki 2nd Senior Girls Triple Jump
Amelia Butcher 3rd Senior Girls Triple Jump, 3rd Senior Girls 100m
Noah Ingham 1st Junior Boys Javelin
Tom Verran 3rd AWD 100m

Relay Team 4x100m
Junior Girls 3rd
Junior Boys 3rd
Intermediate Boys 3rd
Senior Girls 3rd
Senior Boys 3rd