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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device


What is BYOD and why is it important?

We now live in a digital world. Almost everything we do in our work and in our leisure time involves computers to some extent. Students, most of whom already have a computer in the form of a smart phone, will move from secondary school into jobs or further training which will almost certainly involve the use of computers.

To prepare students for this world, we have to involve computers in virtually every aspect of student learning.

Kuranui College has used portable computing devices in the learning of Year 9 and 10 students for five years.

We expect that every Year 9 student will arrive at college with a portable computing device.

Students at all level are encouraged to bring portable computers to college to use in all of their learning.

Our commitment to the BYOD programme and to your child

  • The college will ensure that your child will regularly use their device in the majority of their classes.
  • We will ensure that your child will be able to connect to the internet anywhere in the college at any time via our wireless network.
  • We will ensure that students are able to print from their device to a college printer.
    Printing is charged at 4 cents per copy black and white or 10 cents for colour. The college provides each student with $10.00 worth of printing credit a year. (250 copies if B&W or 100 of colour)
  • Students will need to buy more credit from the office once they have used all of their credit.
  • We will provide a secure place for students to deposit their device during the day if they require it.
  • We will provide low-level support for students if they encounter technical problems.
  • The college will investigate theft of or intentional damage to a device but will not be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement.
    Wherever possible the college will endeavour to seek compensation from the person responsible for the theft or damage.
  • The college provides all students with free access to the internet.
    Student access to objectionable or undesirable sites is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Education who provides our free high-speed internet access.
  • The college will provide a number of portable devices for students to borrow on a period by period basis if they are unable to bring a device to college.

What does the college expect?

  • We expect that your child will bring their fully charged device to college every day
  • We expect you and your child to take responsibility for their device.
    This includes the responsibility for insurance, maintenance and repair.
  • We expect that your child’s device will be brought to school in a strong, durable bag, pouch or case.

What device do we recommend?

We do not insist on any specific brand or type of device; however, we do require devices to have:

  • The ability to play Flash-format video files (the VLC media player is a free option)
  • An easy-to-use keyboard to allow students to type quickly
  • The ability to easily connect to Wi-Fi (wireless connection to the internet)
  • The ability to run Word or a similar word-processing programme, which allows students to write, edit, correct and print work easily
  • The ability to ‘cut and paste’ photos and images into documents
  • A device with enough battery life to last a whole day at school

A significant number of Year 9 parents have bought their child’s device through Greytown-based supplier, SchooledUpIT.

Schooledupit ChromebookSchooledUpIT can supply an Acer c730e Chromebook with a specially strengthened case, a neoprene sleeve, on a payment plan to suit your budget and couriered free to your home for $499.00.

We would also like to see that every Year 10 student brings a device to school every day so, parents, go to this link to find out more. Alternatively, you can phone Barbara on 027-567-9500.

A Chromebook laptop is an ideal device for students to use in all aspects of their learning at college. Chromebooks are app based and do not have disc drives, fans and lots of unnecessary software. They operate using Google and every document created on a Chromebook is automatically saved to the users’ Google Drive in the clouds.

Get your Chromebook here.

What devices do we not recommend?

  • Inexpensive tablet-style devices – many of these do not have the features listed above.
  • Large laptops which can be heavy and cumbersome for young students to carry around all day.

It is not necessary for devices to be able to store large amounts of data as students will be trained and expected to use ‘Google Docs’ to store their work “in the clouds.”

Computer retailers will understand these requirements and be able offer you a range of suitable reasonably priced devices.

Your child will be able to use a device in their learning throughout their five years at Kuranui College.

More and more learning resources are becoming available on the internet and even the New Zealand Qualifications Authority is trialling the taking of NCEA examinations online.

SPARK (Telecom) are offering Android-based tablets which can be paid off at no interest on your SPARK bill.