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Concerns and Complaints Process

The Board of Trustees views complaints as an important means of improving its operations. All complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner following the college’s procedures.

Outcomes of complaints investigations will be provided to all complainants.

  1. The Complaints Procedure will be published on the College website.
  2. Complaints may be made verbally or in writing. In the first instance, the complaint should be made to the person involved.
  3. If resolution has not been achieved through a direct approach, the issue may then be addressed by those listed below:
    • Staff conduct and behaviour – the Principal
    • Fees – the Principal
    • Staffing – the Principal
    • Student Behaviour and Achievement – the appropriate Head of College
    • Assessment – the Principal’s Nominee
    • Sport – the Sports Coordinator
    • Extracurricular activities – the staff member responsible for the activity or a Deputy Principal
    • Buses – the Bus Controller
    • Facilities – the Deputy Principal responsible for Property
    • Complaints regarding the Principal – the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees – refer to Section “Disciplinary Process in Relation to the Principal Policy”
  4. The person receiving a complaint will attempt to resolve the matter through discussion with affected parties. If this is not successful or it is decided that the complaint is of a serious nature, the complaint will be referred to the Principal.
  5. A written acknowledgement of receipt of a written complaint will then be made by the Principal, outlining the complaints process which will be followed.
  6. Any issue involving a matter of staff conduct and discipline will be dealt with in accordance with the procedures outlined in the relevant Collective Agreement.
  7. The staff member(s) concerned will be required to respond to the complaint in writing within a reasonable timeframe, and will be given the opportunity to seek representation and support. The staff member may also be asked to meet with the Principal to discuss the issue.
  8. The Principal will review the issues involved, and will attempt to resolve the matter through discussion with the affected parties.
  9. If the issue is not resolved and the Principal believes there is an issue of staff conduct and discipline or Board policy to be addressed, the Principal will contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees.
  10. A course of action will be decided and may be one of the following:
    • No further action required – no complaint to answer
    • Further informal discussion to resolve the matter
    • Mediation (by an external mediator)
    • A restorative meeting
    • If the issue involves an issue of staff conduct and discipline, a review of any investigation and evidence will be made by the Complaints Committee of the Board of Trustees followed by referral to the full Board of Trustees for ratification.
  11. The Board, the complainant and other parties concerned will be kept informed of the outcomes and the course of action to be taken.