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The College uniform is distinctive and designed to encourage pride in oneself and the College. The uniform is attractive, serviceable and economical, and allows students some degree of personal choice.

Effective from the start of Term 4, 2014, Kuranui College has entered into a contract with Argyle Online to supply uniform items: This means you will now order new uniform direct from the suppliers, with delivery to your nominated address via courier. The website is extremely user friendly with measuring tips to ensure the correct size is purchased. Argyle On Line can also arrange WINZ Quotes on your behalf.You can begin shopping at or read the to find out more.

Second hand uniforms – Kuranui College will no longer deal with second hand uniform.

We recommend that you list your items for sale on This website deals exclusively with the buying and selling of second hand uniform and works in a similar way to Trade Me.

General Guidelines

  • The uniform code for years 9-11 and years 12-14 is now identical, with the following exceptions:
    • Year 9-11 girls wear blue blouses. Year 12-14 girls wear white blouses.
    • Year 9-11 boys wear blue shirts. Year 12-14 boys wear white shirts.
    • The PE uniform is compulsory for Year 9-10 students only.
  • The wearing of correct uniform is required both at school and between home and College.
  • Jewellery and make-up are not part of the College uniform, however one pair of plain ear studs and/or one plain nose stud may be worn. No other obvious body piercing is permitted
  • Hair must be clean and tidy and may only be dyed in natural hair colours. Where long hair presents a health and safety issue it must be tied back
  • Boys’ faces must be clean shaven
  • A white short-sleeved t-shirt is the only clothing which may be visible when worn under a uniform shirt or blouse
  • When a student brings a note from home explaining the need for a temporary uniform, the college will loan the student clean, tidy uniform items.

Download the complete Kuranui Uniform Code March 2016.