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Why Kuranui?


Kuranui College is situated in the small town of Greytown only one hour by train or road from New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington.

The college is a state coeducational school of about 530 students. This size means that all students know each other well and international students find that they are welcomed into a warm, caring environment where they are able to make close friendships with New Zealand students.

Kuranui College offers a broad curriculum and international students can choose to continue to study a fully academic programme or they can choose subjects they may not have had access to in their home countries. This could include; Physical Education, Drama, Dance, Photography, Design, Art History and Technology. See the Senior Course Planner for full details of subject choices.

Aviation Studies

Kuranui College is one of the only schools in New Zealand to offer students the opportunity to learn to fly.

Aviation Studies is a curriculum subject in which students learn aeronautics, meteorology and the history of aviation. At least once a week students have the opportunity to put their learning into practice by flying gliders at an airfield two kilometres from the college.

Each year several students attain their solo glider pilot rating and some go on to careers in the aviation industry.

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International Students say:

Kuranui teachers really care! They make you feel safe and this is important when you are so far away from home. I just loved it there and didn’t want to leave. The big difference to my school in Norway is that the teachers at Kuranui are much more approachable.
Tonje Kvaal, Norway

I was never an outdoor kind of person before I came to New Zealand. I have changed because New Zealand is like one big playground. Skiing-friendly glaciers, tramping-friendly mountains, rivers where you can raft and swim, beautiful beaches where you can surf and all the other amazing places.
The teachers look after you and inspire you. It’s just like one big family.
Julia Dahlgren, Sweden

I can clearly remember my first day at school. I was impressed right from the beginning. Apart from studying we had lots of activities. Even though Kuranui is not a huge school, it has  great facilities and amazing possibilities for every kind of student. The teachers push us to do our best and to aim for excellence. I didn’t want to leave.
Zuzana Psenakova, Slovakia

My Japanese School in Kanagawa has five stories and is in the city. It doesn’t have grass.
I could see mountains from Kuranui. I miss the outdoors, I miss the teachers and I miss the big sky.
Maho Ueda, Japan